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Bowl with salmon and pistachios

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The comfort of preparing in advance a tasty dish. Here's one that is easy, healthy, nice and good. Salmon, pistachios....

Prep. Time: 30 min
Cook time: 40 min

Servings: 12 people
400 gr of fresh salmon
400 gr of sea bass
1 leek
4 spoonfuls of whipped cream
2 spoonfuls of ricotta cheese
5 dl of white wine
1 spoonful of dill
30 gr of Bronte's pistachios
3 egg whites
80 gr of sliced smoked salmon

Slice the sea bass in finger-size sticks and marinate 250 gr in white wine with a pinch of salt for 30 minutes. Liquidize the salmon with the remaining 150 gr of sea bass and part of the marinated one (leaving aside the marinated sea bass to drain after the 30 minutes); add whipped cream, ricotta, leek and the egg whites. In the end add the minced dill and blend it all. Dive pistachios in hot water and leave them for 5 minutes. Drain them and peel them. Line a plum-cake mould with humid oven paper (to make it stick better); pour in the mould half of the fish mixture, lay the 250 gr of marinated sea bass and sprinkle with 20 gr of pistachios. Cover with the rest of the cream and cook on bain-marie for 40 minutes, heating the oven at 180°C. when ready, let it cool down, then put it on the course plate; cover with thin slices of smoked salmon and strew with the remaining liquidized pistachios.
Keep in the fridge until it's time to serve.