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Gourmand meetings

Gourmand meetings

To those who like good cooking, but don't know where to start from.

To those who don't like cooking but have to do it.

To those who simply want to know more.

To those who were born in a "ready-dish" age and want to taste the thrill of creating their own dish.

Amateur courses planned at home for grown-ups and kids.

"School holidays" for foreigners, a week in Lazio's countryside full of trips, visits to farms, walks in nature and, of course, Italian cooking lessons with tasting of food and wine.

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What are those gourmand meetings?

meetings are a return to childhood when we played "mothers" with our girlfriends, preparing din-dins for dolls or dinner for the husband; or when, with mom or granny, we cooked tarts or sponge cakes.

Amateur cooking lessons at home:

You choose a theme for the lesson (see list), some friends (minimum 2, maximum 4) and a kitchen (between yours). I'll come with the shopping and the necessary equipment. If you believe it, you can take advantage of preparing together a real meal, from appetizer to dessert; at the end of the day, you'll taste it with your husbands, obviously welcome guests.

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"Study" holidays

Cookery can be truly amusing and relaxing.
Think of a weekend in Lazio's countryside, immersed in beauty and green. Think of spending time between trips in farms and..cooking lessons with final tasting.

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La Cucina di Nadia in Svezia

La Cucina di Nadia in Svezia

Lezioni di cucina amatoriale per grandi, giovani e piccini in lingua inglese o italiana.
Un modo diverso di imparare a preparare piatti della tradizione mediterranea apprendendo, perché no, anche un pò d'italiano.

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Corsi di cucina amatoriali

Corsi di cucina amatoriali

Corsi di cucina amatoriale:
imparare ad impastare per realizzare dolci e salati della nostra cucina italiana;
imparare a cuocere le carni conoscendo i vari tagli;
imparare a trattare il pesce, saperlo pulire e sfilettare;
imparare a conoscere e lavorare le verdure e la frutta;
imparare a fare dolci, al cucchiaio freddi o caldi, o torte sontuose.

Ma anche preparare una cena completa, dall'antipasto al dolce, in 2 ore.

I corsi si svolgono ad Anguilara Sabazia e sono pensati per minimo 4 massimo 6 partecipanti.
A richiesta il corso può essere svolto nel vostro domicilio: baserà formare un gruppo di amiche per passare qualche ora insieme in modo diverso, divertente e costruttivo!

Corsi per stranieri in lingua inglese.

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